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Khyam tents

Discussion in 'Product Reviews & Links' started by moonster, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. moonster

    moonster Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Thinking of next years trips .
    Anybody have experience of khyam igloo tents or similar?
    Any reviews would be welcome .
  2. oldrat

    oldrat Well-Known Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    No physical personal experience of the Kyham Moons, but when I researched buying a tent to use with the bike, the Vango 200 or 350 came out much better in terms of packed size ratio to the space you get when it is erected compared to the Khyam.

    Also don't discount the vango 350 just because it's a 3 man, it's actually almost exactly the same pack size as the smaller 200 but with much more space.

    So -v - the Khyam -
    I bought the Vango 350 because it was cheaper, similar style, ie a porch to put wet gear, and much easier to carry in a pannier. Check out the frame of the Khyam its a tad bulky

    Happy hunting

  3. PAD

    PAD Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    I was looking at Khyam stuff at a trade show a while back. Quick to pitch, reasonable quality for the money, but I don't like the solid fibreglass poles (which are in quite long sections compared to some, making for longer packs) or glass reinforced nylon joints much - I was assured they are reliable, but it all seems a bit fiddly and overcomplicated to me. Also, they don't have a particularly high figure for withstanding a head of water in hydrostatic testing
    (2.5 metre iirc). Some seams are supplied untaped and need to be treated before use, which didn't overly impress me. But maybe there's something in particular about some of the Khyam range that attracts you?

    To be honest, I would be looking elsewhere. Without getting into expensive kit that costs so much you'd almost be scared to use it, maybe take a look at some of the Robens range? Decent quality and performance, well designed and made and reasonable prices.

    What? No mention of Vango? Yes the Omega 350 is a good tent, but the company seem to have lost the run of themselves a bit - they have a huge and confusing range of increasingly expensive and not so well thought out tents these days and their customer and spares service ain't what it used to be.
  4. k5 dave

    k5 dave Registered User

    I have the Vango 200, and I find it big enough for me, but for a couple I would rather go for the 350. :)
  5. moonster

    moonster Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    I have a Vango Storm Tent 200+ which is very good but I'm looking for something that I can pitch quickly.
  6. Stiletto

    Stiletto Deviated Prevert Club Sponsor

    I picked up the Vango Soul 200 for a trip last year. It fits neatly in my top box or could be strapped to the rear seat without sticking out too far. Pretty simple and quick to pitch.
    Just about long enough for me if I lie in the centre with good space for jacket, trousers and your bits and bobs.
    Too tight for two people in comfort, or just right, depending on your outlook. If you are going two up and are fond of your space then go for the bigger version.
  7. L2RKE

    L2RKE Z1000sx Tourer Club Sponsor

    We bought a Redverz this year. Great quality. Roomy. And there's room for the bike too...;)
  8. moonster

    moonster Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    So....not many thumbs up for the Khyam ,
    Thanks folks
  9. leathertramp

    leathertramp Registered User

    Oh, I don't know. I've had my Khyam Nimbus for getting on 20yrs now. It's a chunk of weight nowadays (think about 6kg) but for 1+luggage/kit it's pretty ideal. If I'm doing a 2day/1nighter like here (St Mary's Loch) then it's my go-to ten. Tent description at 2:20


    For touring I've used the Coleman Caucasus 2 man which is a 3 hoop Gothic arch (so sleeping area + generous porch) but have the Vango Pulsar 200 now. Both weigh in at a sniff above 3kg and excellent touring tents IMHO...
  10. moonster

    moonster Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Great video LT
    Thanks :beer:
  11. Tenko

    Tenko Registered User

    Just came across this may be you,ve made your mind up if not check out the khyam biker good size porch good for storing your luggage ect. .I,ve givi side cases and the packed tent is narrower than the luggage when on the bike.I tend to get condensation on the outer sheet but i have never sealed the joints so do not know if it makes any great difference .I,ve hade this at least 10 years and have used it for rallies from January to late October and it hasn,t let me down.One thing you will appriciate is if it,s pouring rain it,s up in a few minutes and your not trying to feed 2-3 bendy poles through little pockets on a fly sheet then trying to get the outer attached over the top of it all .One must have is what ever tent you go for get a footprint ground sheet and a five pound picnic matt from asda about 1500mmx1200 so when you get out off your sleeping bag your not crauling around the freezing ground.

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