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Is there a definitive list of models

Discussion in 'RC24' started by Isle Of Wight, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Isle Of Wight

    Isle Of Wight Member Club Sponsor

    with colour schemes both uk models and European models anyware ?
  2. JZH

    JZH VFR Club Bodger

    What, for the FL? Here.

    I'd certainly say it's definitive... ;)

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  3. Isle Of Wight

    Isle Of Wight Member Club Sponsor

    Thanks JZH thats great. Now to work out which colours are what and find one for the earlier models.
  4. JZH

    JZH VFR Club Bodger

    What, like this? Here.

    Now, having the paint codes doesn't mean you can find the paint, but it's a start. RS Bike Paint has the paint, but it's quite expensive. Most automotive sources don't stock Honda motorcycle paints, but computer matching can sometimes work. Note that old paint is faded paint...

  5. PAD

    PAD Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    I did get some Italian red made up at Halfords several years ago. I've related this before, but perhaps it bears repeating, if only to underline what a bloody stupid world we live in...

    Into Halfords I wander one day. 'Hello', says I, 'could you mix some paint for my motorcycle, please? It's a Honda...' 'We don't do motorbike paints. Only cars' interjects the yoof behind the counter. So out I walk... And back in a couple of hours later. 'Could you mix me some paint for my car, please?' 'Yes sir. What make of car is it?' asked the slightly less yoofful chap behind the counter. 'It's a Honda Civic' I replied. 'Do you have a paint code' he enquired. 'Yes, R157' said I, beaming... A few minutes later and bingo! A touch up pot of R157 and one of base coat. 'Can you do motorcycle paints? I asked. 'No. Only cars.' To which I replied 'Oh yes you can. You just have!' Now, I did explain, but the blank look left me with the distinct impression that it did not compute. So find a car with the same paint code, just in case you're interrogated,(there will very likely be one - it's certainly worth a shot) and enjoy the pantomime!:)
  6. Isle Of Wight

    Isle Of Wight Member Club Sponsor

    Nearly ;-) its more of seeing pics of the bikes in their various colours. I can google each one but I'm lazy :)

    I saw an '89 with a red top and silver bottom the other day that I thought looked good and got me wondering if it was a respray or if it ever came like that.
  7. JZH

    JZH VFR Club Bodger

    I don't have much info on pre-1990 models, but my VFR750F brochure scans are here. The only OEM red/silver paint scheme I know of was on the FP (1993).

  8. 50th VFR

    50th VFR Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    If by '89 you mean FK they only came in single colour schemes (Red, White or Black).
    The following year's FL also were single colour paint schemes.
  9. Isle Of Wight

    Isle Of Wight Member Club Sponsor

    How on earth do you upload a pic? I found out how to create a media folder and uploaded a pic but cant work out how to get it in a thread.

    Anyway, wow JZH that must have been a labour of love.
  10. Isle Of Wight

    Isle Of Wight Member Club Sponsor

    Ahah think I cracked it the pic is the colour I was talking about

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  11. 50th VFR

    50th VFR Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    What makes you think it was an '89 ?
    Two-part fairing lowers and painted rear hangers would point to 86 or 87.

    Indicators are not off any 86-87 or 88-89 model.
    Paint scheme a one off. Red seat would hint at bike being red originally.
  12. Isle Of Wight

    Isle Of Wight Member Club Sponsor

    My bad fingers its an 87. So thoughts are it was red had a respray and new indicators added.
  13. FTM

    FTM Registered User

    Indicators look like Japanese market ones.

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