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Insurance Rip Off

Discussion in 'Letting off steam & general ranting' started by OldFellaonabike, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. OldFellaonabike

    OldFellaonabike Registered User

    Hi there, just had my car insurance renewal ?102 more than last year! Nothing different from last year so I want on there on line page put all my details in and came up with a quote for the same cover for ?175 less than the renewal! Rang them up and guess what? My renewal has dropped to match the online quote ! So beware don't accept your renewal without checking online price, I've been with this company for 15 Yeats so I just shows loyalty doesn't always pay cause if they can rip you off they will !?

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  2. Slower and Slower

    Slower and Slower Registered User

    Not Insurance, but of a similar vein.

    Vehicle Registration fees refunded on cancellation.
    I have just sold my VFR12 due to old age in the hands and wrists, so I decided to de register it as I was selling it on consignment and I offer the usual 6 months rego to the new Gent whenever that happened on sale.
    Lucky for me it sold in 4 days. Now I had paid Transport Queensland (Aust) for the VFR's 12 months rego and 3rd party Insurance $485 on the July 1 2017, so I expected to break even.
    I had 8 months unused, so I did my calculations and expected around $320 back.

    NO, the Cashier said, the Computer is giving you $140 back.
    Excuse me, I paid for 12 months, not 6 Miss Operator behind the Counter and security glass.
    So I took the cash by EFT and went home and rechecked the bank transfer - Yes, paid for 12 months, $485, and had the printed Bank receipt.

    Again I went back the next day, different Operator, same response, AND I don't need to see how you worked it out, the Computer said $140 and that's that - FINAL.
    So I asked if there was an added admin fee and how much ?
    YES, and She didn't know how much, but said that you forfeit ANY Fees paid and get pro rata on the rego and the CTP residual left over.

    So on the 3 rd. Party Insurer paper work buried into this paperwork document, I find there are levies and fee's that would hold a river back in a 1 in 1000 year flood.
    The Computer was dead right, my $485 became $140 for 4 months riding out of 12 months paid.

    The Moral of the Story: if you are in Sunny Queensland and you are in two minds whether to sell or keep a vehicle, only pay the minimum amount for the shortest time offered, as the National Injury Scheme Levy is a third ($152) of my total.
    So If you cancel 1 day after paying, you lose that $152 cold and lose another $60 cold in other fees and levies (about half) too before you get any pro rata back.
    Ned Kelly and the other Bushrangers are still alive and well at the Qld Treasury Department.
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