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I had to laugh

Discussion in 'General Spouting' started by TC1474, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. TC1474

    TC1474 Registered User

    A couple of weeks ago whilst the site was down, I carried out a couple of advanced driving tests (I know, it was a car rather than the bike [​IMG] )

    Anyway, I gave one of the candidates his briefing, which usually finishes with me saying "Drive naturally and as you have been taught by your observer during your tutor sessions, do what you normally do and you will I am sure do absolutely fine"

    I always say something along these lines just as a form of another chill pill to help them relax.

    Anyway, I get led to the candidates car (Bentley Continental) and he does his pre drive check very well, in we get and he does his cockpit drill and off we go.

    We are about 20 minutes into the drive when the candidate saod "Could you do me a favour and hold on to this please?" and promptly hand me his packet of rolling backy and proceeds to roll himself a ciggy whilst still driving on test [​IMG] (Both hands drop to the 6.30 position and he steers with the palm of his hand as he rolls his fag) :eek:

    My gast was flabbered. He then lit up and started puffing away. (To be fair, I have seen drivers roll a coggy one handed, but never on test)

    I was also surprised that someone driving a Bentley rolled his own, but then I thought back to when I smoked, I preferred roll ups to tailor made...

    I suppose I should have said something sooner, but in 30 + years as an advanced examiner that was the first time that has ever hapened..

    I did ask him to extinguish his cig.

    Anyway, we got back and I asked him about his behaviour and his reply? "You told me to do what I normally do"

    Well despite the fact that when he had control of the car it was actually a very good drive, I had to fail him not least because I stank (even though he only took a couple of puffs) and he did not have proper control whilst he was rolling his baccy.

    I just could not believe what I had witnessed.

    When I told him that I was unable to pass him, he just shrugged his shoulders and said "OK, I quite understand!"

    I got back in my car and just chuckled for about 10 minutes before I set off for home.

    Some people eh?
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  2. Amazed he he could do so well but overlook what might be a founding principle.
    Was it a set up? Lol

    He could have just faked bladder trouble. And had a quick smoke coming back to the car.

    To be a proper sparky you're given an assignment of about 10hours worth of work in a training booth.
    You can go for a smoke, but it comes out of your time.
    While your doing the test, they pause the clock and take you away several times for a 20 minute fault finding test, usually a wiring or motor fault on a specially built 'rig'

    One test I had involved a fault between 2, two way light switches.
    I knew what it was straight away, but I ses to the examiner, 'me edds pickled and I'm nervous and I can't think straight. Can I just have a quick smoke outside and think about it?
    He ses ok but you've only got 20 mins.
    Ok ses I.

    So I went outside, had a nice relaxing smoke for 10 mins, come back in and ses, 'yup, it's one of the strippers open circuit.' (Pass):D

    I've since given up.
  3. TC1474

    TC1474 Registered User

    I have no reason to suspect anything, but if it was then it was an expenive one as it was he who paid for the test and wasted his own time and fuel and got a rollicking from me at the completion of the test
  4. Bob

    Bob One screw Bob Club Sponsor

    I hope you don't mind, I found that so funny I just had to repost it on my IAM group's forum! :)
  5. Hmm, I had visions of a hidden camera in the car going through my mind, but perhaps an isolated rollup on an otherwise 'normal' day is a bit of a narrow brief for comedy.
  6. japmadlad

    japmadlad Registered User

    I doubt mr bently cared about expense
  7. jjd

    jjd Registered User

    Would you have awarded him a pass if he had been driving a Roller instead of the Bentley?

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