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Front brakes seizing, sticking

Discussion in 'VFR1200F' started by bartVFR, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. bartVFR

    bartVFR Registered User

    Before the great crash, someone came with a plausible solution on this problem. It could be the Brake master cylinder. I can't find that threat any more could someone help me? I will post it o the French VFR1200 forum.
  2. lee j

    lee j Registered User

    Hi Bart - Only see a couple of threads on the VFR1200 forum regarding front brake problems. You can see them by signing in then using 'search forums' and typing in 'front brake sticking/seizing' and specify 'VFR1200F' will bring up the posts. Might help you with the problem as it is a well known problems especially with earlier bikes produced - refers to 2012 models

  3. bartVFR

    bartVFR Registered User

    I did use the search possibility but I can't find it. I think, because the answer came just before the crash, that this information is lost. So I hope with this threat to create a reaction from the person who came with the solution off the front brake master cyl.
  4. AV8or

    AV8or Registered User

  5. bartVFR

    bartVFR Registered User

    Thanks AV8or, thats it
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  6. Rincewind

    Rincewind Man from the Ministry

    yes, twas me! The issues I had with my bike were finally found in the master cylinder. There was machining damage around the fluid return hole in the mail "barrel". Gradually less and less fluid was returning causing the calipers to remain "on" and then due to heat build up and expansion, they would stick on. This rattled on with Honda for over 2 years until I went "fruit loop" at them and got some of my old contacts involved at VOSA and Honda Europe.

    That thread is missing loads of info due to the unfortunate host server packing up and a lot of of the thread was lost as has been pointed out. I went through several sets of discs and pads before they traced it to the master cylinder. Happy to share the process I went through with you if you're suffering a similar issue.

  7. bartVFR

    bartVFR Registered User

    Thanks Nic thats what I thought a lot of information is missing, but the cause of the problem is important. Now we now where to look if front brakes are seizing. I hope you don't mind if I put this information on the French VFR1200 forum.
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  8. Rincewind

    Rincewind Man from the Ministry

    Not a problem, happy for that info to be passed on. I could do a more "detailed" break down" of the whole process that I had to go through - well I say process, more constant growling and getting extremely hacked off with Honda before I started using my knowledge of EC Regulations and hitting them hard to the point where they did what they did. There was also a lot of support from my dealer too who were totally on my side!
  9. Jay Hoffamn

    Jay Hoffamn Registered User

    A while back I read that the VFR 1200 front brakes at different times can pack up dirt,Sure enough after a weeks ride involving a lot of rain I notice a pulsing sensation in the front brakes.I picked up a can of brake clean and sprayed the front calibers and the pulsing went away,so every 600 to 800 miles I clean them with brake clean.i haven't had the problem since.
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