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Discussion in 'Letting off steam & general ranting' started by jjd, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. jjd

    jjd Registered User

    So there was I today sitting on Newton Moor looking out towards Roseberry Topping and I asked my wife, what will this view will look like in 200 years time? Well we figured that it might not of changed much but I made a comment that it would not be that peaceful as there would be drones flying back and forth delivering the crap to people that they had ordered on Amazon. So we set off towards Gribgate and then we heard the buzzing sounds. Yes you guessed right, two bloody drones over our head. I wish I had had my air rifle with me, the bastard owners need to be hung up to dry, disturbing the peace in this way :bang:
  2. marks152

    marks152 Registered User

    I suppose people said the same many years ago about planes/helicopters - Now we wouldnt be without them.

    Im sure the government will crack down on the use of drones once they are popular. Probably be the next vehicle/craft to be taxed lol.
  3. Well they did with firearms!
  4. Grumpy oldman

    Grumpy oldman Registered User

    Drones just like motorcycling ........... A hobby

    Well since I own both multicopters (Drones to the media brainwashed masses) and motorcycles I think I can have some input on this one

    1st up the term "DRONE" is a word over used by the media in over sensationalized stories which actually relates to ARMED military unmanned autonomous vehicles

    which gets widely misunderstood by the public when used to describe a hobby grade aircraft conjuring up images of killing machines

    Just like our motorcycles get misunderstood as killing machines that should be banned , dangerous blah blah etc etc

    Yes some drone operators deserve to be strung up and the same goes for some motorcyclists /car drivers /truck drivers etc etc

    Many people have many differing hobbies motorcycling is yours and mine which believe me really pisses off some people as do drones

    we all have to live together on the same planet so next time you tear down the road in a built up area or squeeze past a car

    just remember that many people do not share our love for motorcycles just as you do not share the hobbyist's love of all things that fly/drive or float

    just as many if not more people would gladly like to see motorcycles banned

    some of these "drones" take many hours to build , program and to learn to fly

    Two of mine cost well over $3000 AU and are mostly flown out of town in the country away from people

    Both have fully automated return to home GPS flight controllers fitted in case of signal loss as well as GO PRO camera gimbals and a standard definition video down link giving the pilot a birds eye view and a sense of flying via their video goggles or screen

    There are also the Crap ready to fly "drones" bought from the toy shop these are usually bought by the Fat wallet no idea types that buy and crash and harass people and animals with they will usually only last to the first crash and never get fixed making a bad name for others along the way just like some motorcyclists

    And last but not least as far as spying on you goes with a "drone"

    1-why would anyone buy something that makes a lot of noise and costs a lot of money to spy on any one since a smartphone tied to a broom handle with sellotape will do a much more covert job and is a lot cheaper with better cameras

    2- Is that what you would use it for

    3- your not that interesting .............get over your self

    Maybe next time a drone pisses you off go and seek the pilot wait until he/she lands and calmly tell them about your concerns

    You may be surprised at what they will be willing to share and show you
    Just remember your attitude will most likely be met with same

    Just like a motorcyclist these people live and breath their hobby and are only human after all and not all can profess to being an angel behind the controls


    I have been riding for over 30 years riding everyday 365 days a year rain hail or shine and certainly not an angel

    And I drive trucks (bloody big ones)

    Have a nice day
  5. Bumpkin

    Bumpkin Formerly VFRChas Club Sponsor

    Great post with a balanced view GrumpyOM :beer:

    Would love to get into drones for the purpose of aerial photography/videography. Stinging cost to do it properly though.
  6. PAD

    PAD Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Some valid points there, GOM. Food for thought over a matter I'd given almost none to. It does occur to me that the Australian experience might be somewhat different from that in the UK, simply due to population density?

    That and whinging, something stuck up the fundament, pommy attitudes!:d:
  7. jjd

    jjd Registered User

    Thanks for the Australian take on this Grumpy oldman. Just because Australia lost the rugby though .... :) In the UK, rightly or wrongly, they are called drones

    Here are the UKs, CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) guidelines for flying drones

    When you fly a drone in the UK it is your responsibility to be aware of the rules that are in place to keep everyone safe.

    Follow these simple steps to make sure you are flying safely and legally.

    The Dronecode
    1) Make sure you can see your drone at all times and don't fly higher than 400 feet
    2) Always keep your drone away from aircraft, helicopters, airports and airfields
    3) Use your common sense and fly safely; you could be prosecuted if you don't.

    Drones fitted with cameras must not be flown:
    4) within 50 metres of people, vehicles, buildings or structures
    5) over congested areas or large gatherings such as concerts and sports events

    The operators of the two drones being flown at the weekend were in breach of 1,2 and 4. Try explain to the numpties that they should be doing something different, in my experience is a waste of time, (like telling someone that they should not be smoking outside the entrance to a hospital, they could not care a toss) because their cannot be bothered to show a little respect for the society that they live in.

  8. Desperado

    Desperado Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    The use of Drones has become a very emotive topic due to the incorrect use by a small number of individuals.

    The CAA don?t yet know how to regulate them as toy one?s can be bought from Argos for less than a ?100 and with state of the art ones costing several ?1,000?s

    There is talk of you to have to pass a test of competence and be licensed to fly them.

    I am very interested in them as my Daughter and her Husband have invested is one of the top end ones which is fitted with a 4K camera.
    Their aim is to move into professional photography with using a Drone as one of their platforms.

    I fist saw it in operation in the Yorkshire Dales (Aysgarth Falls) where they were flying it only for the second time to see what its capabilities where.

    It takes two of them to operate it, one to fly it and the other to independent control the camera.
    In operation it is very quite as all it sounds like is an angry wasp, which is hardly offensive.

    I am very impressed with just what you can do with it as all of a sudden the world becomes three dimensional!

    I?m fully in support of them so long as they are used with consideration.

    Here is a Video of Asygarth falls taken from the drone, you can see me in the Outakes with my family I?m the one wearing the Tilley Hat and holding my little Granddaughter.


    See what you think.

  9. PAD

    PAD Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    With consideration - isn't that the key? And far from just in relation to these devices. I guess you could draw some parallels between use of these by the irresponsible and inconsiderate and those in today's thread regarding the pathetic "raise it up" 'movement'? Same kind of selfish, me, me, me attitude... And it doesn't stop there! Uncharacteristically, I rode back from the National Motorcycle Museum almost completely on motorway and dual carriageway on Saturday. Need I say more?:dunno:
  10. L2RKE

    L2RKE Z1000sx Tourer Club Sponsor

    For the Police to use them has got to be a more cost effective use of money than sending up a chopper.

    Nice video Desperado. Quality and stability is excellent. :yo:
  11. Otoh http://youtu.be/I9v4tee7zD8

    There you are, lying in the afternoon sun, gently coaxing one out :crosseyed: when up pops a dro...multicopter and the next thing you know you've gone viral which you didn't think was possible by your own hand and you've also had the sack (from work) followed by a charge of enraging the public decency.

    Imagine if a pilot thought, oh that's a nice car I'll move in for a closer look and it's Collymore out dogging again.

    Seriously though, if it wasn't for the NotW scandal, I reckon most of Rebbecca Brooks' team would have one by now.
  12. jjd

    jjd Registered User

    He probably owns it, the wind turbine that is..

  13. gomez

    gomez Registered User

    Presumably there are exceptions to this as one kart series I do films the action using a drone flying low over the track.
  14. Bob

    Bob One screw Bob Club Sponsor

    C'mon, in Brisbane? The majority of the latter methinks! ;) :}
  15. MarkJHarris

    MarkJHarris Oi luvvs to fettle! Club Sponsor

    I have a few friends that do aerial photography and video work using expensive multicopter devices. They know the codes and stay well away from airports. I have no problem with them at all. However, as a commercial pilot I dread the bloody things on a day to day basis. They're fast overtaking the numpties with Lasers trying to kill me and my passengers.....
  16. fink

    fink living up to the name Club Sponsor

    Last post on this was nearly 2 years ago.
  17. MarkJHarris

    MarkJHarris Oi luvvs to fettle! Club Sponsor

    Still relevant or maybe it takes me that long to find these things...?? I'll get my coat...

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