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Direct access help required North of Scotland.

Discussion in 'Training, Rider Safety & Petitions' started by Bigdom, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Bigdom

    Bigdom Registered User

    Hi all, after buying my VFR800, I now need to get through my direct access however this seems to be quite difficult up in Inverness as there is a huge lack of examiners here so test dates are few and far between. I'm looking to do it in Mid-late July, is there anyone I can go to either Aberdeen way or further south to do my direct access. Thanks in advance. Dom.
  2. Nelix

    Nelix Registered User

  3. Nelix

    Nelix Registered User

  4. sort_it_oot_man

    sort_it_oot_man Naneohyerpish!

  5. alvin

    alvin sunbeds are bad. Club Sponsor

  6. fink

    fink living up to the name Club Sponsor

    Would recommend two wheelers in Inverness.


    My other half has just done her Cbt and would thoroughly recommend him. In fact the boss at Mitchell's motorcycles said he was the best.

    Best days for test would be Monday's or Friday's. One of the local lads is having the same problem with dates.
  7. Bigdom

    Bigdom Registered User

    Thanks for your help guys but eventually did it at The Bristol Motorcycle Training Centre as I was working down that way managed to get it all booked in a week, and I'm pleased to say I passed CBT, MOD1 and MOD2. Sorted and still buzzing! Weather is getting cold up here though.
  8. fink

    fink living up to the name Club Sponsor

    Well done. Now the learning starts.:)
  9. PAD

    PAD Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Yes, well done - fink's right, take it easy and may all your education be from the right way up. If you haven't already, maybe take a look at 'Motorcycle Roadcraft: The Police Rider's Handbook' (http://www.roadcraft.co.uk/motorcycle-roadcraft). It will give you a good basis for taking your riding further. If you do buy a copy, make sure you get the latest edition (5th impression, 2015, I believe).:top:

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