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Delkevic vs GPR vs Coffmans?

Discussion in 'Performance Upgrades' started by 14VFR800Fdan, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. 14VFR800Fdan

    14VFR800Fdan Registered User

    Got a 14 VFR, looking at the 8” Delkevic slip on, the GPR Deeptone slip on or the Coffmans shorty slip on exhaust. I like the Coffmans because it’s the only option available that doesn’t cover up the beautiful single swing arm but it’s loud and “fart can” looking. The Delkevics seem to be very popular and have good reviews but look plain and “cheap” to me in a way. The GPR’s are longer vs short and quieter than the others mentioned above but I hear mixed reviews about power delivery, dead spots and sound. No dyno data available on the GPR. Thoughts?
  2. Nelix

    Nelix Registered User

    Not sure why you think the Delkevic looks cheap, very well made.
  3. 14VFR800Fdan

    14VFR800Fdan Registered User

    Cheap not the right word “plain” maybe more appropriate. It’s what I actually ordered today, the great reviews for product and service, the consistanly good sounds from YouTube, and dyno results (although delkevics) seemed to overall surpass anything else available. And the price was hard to beat.
  4. skyerae

    skyerae Registered User

    I went and bought a cheap second hand Delkevic headers and exhaust for my CB500 (my commuter bike) and what an upgrade. They make the parallel twin sound like a v-twin and there was definitely an increase in performance. It looks much better than the stock exhaust and weigh nearly half as much as well. Recommend them to anyone who listens to me.

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