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Could anyone tell me iff the vfr 400 nc24 import has side lig ht facility?

Discussion in 'VFR400 / RVF400 Technical Questions & Help' started by Dave baldy heid, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Dave baldy heid

    Dave baldy heid Registered User

    Could anyone tell me if the vfr400 nc24 has the sidelight facility? Mine faild it's mot because of that.
  2. JZH

    JZH VFR Club Bodger

    The NC24 would have had dual-filament bulbs in the indicators (probably disconnected for its initial UK MOT), but it did not have any sidelight in the headlight housing, at least originally.

    NC24 Headlight Fiche.jpg
    This is where a sidelight bulb and holder would appear, if it existed (I also checked the wiring harness fiche).

  3. FTM

    FTM Registered User

    My Japanese import VFR750 passed many an MOT without any problems until one time about 15 years ago an MOT tester failed it because it didn't have a legal parking light. I questioned this and he pointed out on his computer the legislation about parking lights. To pass the MOT I had to drill a small hole in the bottom of the headlight reflector and add in a small bulb. Since then I've been told he was wrong because my bike was made before a certain date. As I said it was about 15 years ago now and I can't remember exactly why the Japanese parking light was illegal in the UK.

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