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convoys to go to the AGRO

Discussion in 'Past AGROs, Annie Bashes & Events' started by workshy666, Mar 13, 2002.

  1. workshy666

    workshy666 Guest

    Thought this was a good place for people to organise meeting up so we can all travel to the AGRO in groups.

    You might want to create a new topic in here for each area e.g. south west, south east etc. You never know we could even get whole hordes from different areas meeting up!!

    Rubber ducky ten four!!

    Over and out! :cool:
  2. Muppet

    Muppet Guest

    I'll be coming up from the South....with whoever else is in my area on the Friday (Southampton, Portsmouth etc) and probably meeting up on the way with the mob from teh west side...FakeBlond, MikesViffer and others who will go up via the M6 north of Brum...at least I think thats the plan....

    10-4 and all that!

  3. workshy666

    workshy666 Guest

    I'll see you there then clive!

  4. MikesViffer

    MikesViffer Guest


    As in other threads - Beast's going to organise the convoy a little while before the actual date. If you want to travel up with the guys from London that's cool - otherwise come up the A34 then across A417 to meet up with Tom and FB then on up to me and Silver F1. We're still meeting up with all the guys from the SE at Frankley before going on to meet the breathren from the Sjoke Chapter.

    See ya soon m8 - not long to go!

  5. Shakespeare

    Shakespeare Guest

    East side A17?

    Anybody taking this track from the east coast?
  6. SUB

    SUB Guest

    Re: East side A17?

    Shakey, I'll be going via the A14 cross counrty. I'll wait and see what the final arrangements are re meeting places.

  7. Tom

    Tom Guest

    Re: East side A17?

    I'll be getting on th M40 at Wycombe.

  8. Gapples

    Gapples Registered User

    Any body heading down from the Newcastle ( upon Tyne ) area or who I ( we ) could meet up with. Not booked in anywhere as yet mind you, but should be able to find somewhere
  9. GizmoStu

    GizmoStu Registered User

    I'll join the M40 at Bicester after a short spin up the A34 from Abingdon.

  10. mark

    mark Registered User

    Hi Gapples
    I am not that far south from you. Which route were you planning to take?
    I not sure there are that many going from the NE.

  11. Gapples

    Gapples Registered User

    Hi Mark
    Not certain i'm going at all yet.....trying to convince the good lady wife it will be worth while trip!
    She would be comeing along as well. If we go i suppose we would cut across country & avoid the m/ways.
    You stopping at the travel inn mate ?
  12. ruk

    ruk Banned Users

    Is there a convoy going from Sandbach???!!!!!:confused: :rolleyes:
  13. mark

    mark Registered User

    Hi Gapples

    Yes we are booked into the Travel Inn.
    You can tell her my wife is going, that may help. Hope you both can make it.

  14. Jan Tideswell

    Jan Tideswell Registered User



    Pete and I will be going from Newcastle-u-Lyme on the Saturday, and I think TC is also going on the Saturday. You would be welcome to ride with us, if you like.

  15. Dantomat

    Dantomat Club Sapman


    There will be a mob of us from the Stoke area going via Leek, Buxton etc on the Friday afternoon, including some from the South who wish to go via the Cat and Fiddle. So, as Sandbach is only just up the road, you can hook up with us. We haven't decided times, route etc yet. Wait till a bit nearer the date, then we can communicate with Beast, who, I believe, has volunteered to be journey coordinator.

  16. Stu

    Stu Registered User

  17. Dantomat

    Dantomat Club Sapman


    The police have really clamped down over there. But we're not really (???) going along there for a blast (there are some better roads to do that, which we'll not disclose yet). It's just a case of 'been there and done it' for folks from further afield.

  18. ruk

    ruk Banned Users

    Jan & VFR800i

    Thanks will keep eye out for details nearer the time. I'm not staying over but a ride out on the Friday and Saturday would be good.

    As for a drink on Saturday night well I'm sure my live in taxi driver will oblige.

    Look forward to speaking more and meeting at the AGRO

  19. Gapples

    Gapples Registered User

    Thanx Mark, i'll see what i do, let you know in here if we can make it or not.....if not enjoy anyway
  20. FakeBlonde

    FakeBlonde Chopsy bird

    Just browsing round old threads (looking for pics of my viffs) and came across this one.
    Muppet getting a speeding ticket.
    We all stopped for a regroup and said "did you see the speed trap", Muppet said "What speed trap" :} Think he knew then he was getting a speeding letter.

    ah, the memories

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