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Autosol to the ready

Discussion in 'General Spouting' started by oldrat, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. oldrat

    oldrat Well-Known Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Doing a bit of a buff up today, as I've been invited by the Guzzi club to display my 'Zagato' cafe jobbie on their stand at the classic bike show in Stafford this weekend. Oooo I'm really quite chuffed, imagine, lil ole me having me bike on a stand eh!

    Anyway, the Moto Guzzi Club GB stand is upstairs on the balcony, so if you are going to the show, pop up.

    BTW I believe that Pad, of this parish, will also be around somewhere selling his fab waterproof luggage, will have a look out for him.


    NB Reminder to self - must buy shares in Autosol
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  2. L2RKE

    L2RKE Z1000sx Tourer Club Sponsor

    Nice one Brian:clap:
    I'm sure it will turn a few heads.
    Now get buffing:cheer:
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  3. PAD

    PAD Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the Guzzi, Brian. Leave the keys with me if you like.;)

    Hopefully there will be a few from the forum going to the show? If so, come and say hello. We won’t give you the hard sell... Not much, anyway.:)
  4. oldrat

    oldrat Well-Known Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    I have a family event on the same weekend in Blackpool. Luckily for me Stafford is en route. So I'll be dropping the bike off tomorrow lunchtime and popping back to the see show Sunday PM.
    So I'll see you either tomorrow if you are about Paul, or some time Sunday afternoon.
  5. Desperado

    Desperado Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    I will look our for it as I will most probably going tomorrow.
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  6. PAD

    PAD Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Good to see you and Jan earlier today Brian. And thank you for the help with dismantling the display! It certainly helped us to get home earlier.:thumbsup:

    The Guzzi... Stunning. Absolutely stunning. A bike builder of any level would justifiably feel proud of that work. But I believe this is your first? Amazing. The attention to detail really draws you in. I'd have loved to been able to let you show me some of the 'hidden' stuff (and to hear it fired up) but, as you suspected, we were a bit preoccupied at the last.

    A great show all round.

    See you next weekend.
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