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Anyone interested in a Farewell to Summer Run?? (FTSR)

Discussion in 'Ride-Outs & Meets' started by oldrat, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. oldrat

    oldrat Well-Known Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Sam pan something or other

    Kartman (Phil) has been good enough to run these excellent ride outs in the past but this time he is unable to make it.

    So.... Promising that I'll do my best to maintain Phil's standards, I've teamed up with Curlynot (Rob) and together, we are happy to run a FTSR this year if there is any interest.

    We are thinking of starting off from the usual venue, Peterborough Services, at 0930 on Sunday 22nd October and following a similar route to last year, about 180 miles around some of the best roads in England and are aiming to return to the services at about 4pm, including a coffee and a lunch stop.

    Please post up if you are interested.

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  2. PAD

    PAD Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Definitely interested, but not certain I can make it at the moment, Brian. Pencil me in, please, and I'll confirm asap.
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  3. bmwdumptruck

    bmwdumptruck Come on you Hatters

    Bugger, pretty sure we're in Lochgilphead that week Brian:(
  4. panernie

    panernie Ickle Twat

    I'm in Brian :headbang:
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  5. Grim Reaper Dodger

    Grim Reaper Dodger Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Hi Brian
    It's not my year o_O . . . . first, Shropshire Shenanigans . . . . I'm in Scotland ( four wheels) . . . . . now FTSR . . . . I'm in Scotland (four wheels)
    I love Scotland, but this year it has got in the way of some good riding. I shall look forward to 2018.
    Have a good ride-out & hopefully see you next year.
  6. Revvin Kevin

    Revvin Kevin Registered User

    Shame but can"t make the 22nd :(
  7. advancing age

    advancing age Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Darn it - 25th wedding anniversary...............s'pose I ought to stay home really...... I am sure you'll get a good turnout and have a fab day without me Brian! Enjoy, AA:beer-toast1:
  8. Desperado

    Desperado Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Yes, I should be up for it having shuffled a couple of things around.
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  9. Tpeti

    Tpeti Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    I am free on that weekend :)
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  10. L2RKE

    L2RKE Z1000sx Tourer Club Sponsor

    :beer-toast1:Well done Brian and Rob for taking on this long standing run.
    I'm in.:)
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  11. PAD

    PAD Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Forget pencilling me in - you can do it in ink. See you on Sunday 22nd, barring the unforeseeable. I might even book a B&B and travel over on Saturday.
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  12. EllieBlade

    EllieBlade Member Club Sponsor

    :thumbup: Yes Please
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  13. SamThePanWrestler

    SamThePanWrestler Young Sam on a ST13 Pan Club Sponsor

    Great news!

    Count me in unless a) I lose some hard earned Brownie Points between now and then (I should note that it is our second wedding anniversary on the 23rd October so I may be pushing my luck....) or b) the weather is atrocious!

    Last edited: Oct 4, 2017
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  14. Westy23

    Westy23 Registered User

    Count me and my mate in please
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  15. panernie

    panernie Ickle Twat

    Is this now a definite Brian?
  16. oldrat

    oldrat Well-Known Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Yes Ern, cant wait.
    I've had problems with my internet, so been hit n miss with the interweb lately.
  17. panernie

    panernie Ickle Twat

    Thanks Brian . I'll book a hotel for the Saturday night.
  18. oldrat

    oldrat Well-Known Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    PM me the details Ern, I might do the same
  19. panernie

    panernie Ickle Twat

    Will do Brian. I've sent a text to Mick, to see if he fancies a couple of beers.
    oldrat likes this.
  20. Desperado

    Desperado Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    As we are only a week away any chance of posting the route so I can upload to my Garmin.
    Brian, Ernie,
    Where are you staying I may join you as that's sounds like a brilliant idea, I may even buy you a beer!
    Anyone else fancy joining us?

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