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A Telegraph article - Morocco

Discussion in 'Biking Abroad' started by Rawhide, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. baz

    baz Registered User

    Just back from my third bike trip out there. Well worth the effort to get out there. Lots of work going on to improve the roads to the south which will spoil the experience IMO.
  2. FTM

    FTM Registered User

    I'm sure it used to be the case you needed to hold a full licence for 1 year before you were allowed to use it abroad but he passed his test then rode in Morocco! Maybe if you already have a car licence this qualifies you or maybe the law in Morocco is different to what Europe used to be.
    Either way Morocco looks to be a good place for biking. I remember when Yamaha unveiled their new XS250/400's in Morocco in about 1977 I thought one day I'll go out there on a bike because the place looks fantastic, I never did though.
  3. leathertramp

    leathertramp Registered User

    The article makes it all sound so idyllic, until you get to the price. £3,620 for ten days!! You could buy a decent RE Bullet 500 for two grand and do it yourself and still have change out of that!...
  4. baz

    baz Registered User

    I reckon it was about £1700 for us to do it this time. That was 16 nights including ferries, hotels, fuel, food booze etc. I could have done it cheaper if alone, but as there were three of us who all wanted separate rooms, it was a bit more expensive. we didn't do luxury, but we did stay in some really nice places.

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