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A Radiator Guard Is Born!

Discussion in 'VFR1200X Crosstourer' started by IanM, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. IanM

    IanM Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    I have had a great day out today, up to Halifax to get the new radiator cover designed, made and fitted to the Crosstourer by Beowulf, whose web site is www.beowulfuk.com. It’s 90 miles up there, mostly on the motorway and mostly in the rain, but the Crosstourer was quite happy with the trip, although the screen is still a bit noisy at speed – I need to do something about that.

    I arrived at the factory bang on schedule at 9am and was immediately offered a brew, which is always a good start to the day.

    The first picture shows how the bike looks straight from the factory (and a trip up the M1 in the rain!).

    At first glance, the Crosstourer radiator looks very much like the ordinary VFR 1200, so the guys dug out the drawings for that and got the tape measure out. Strangely, it’s not the same, the Crosstourer radiator being 20mm taller than the other one, but the width is the same and it uses the same mounting points at the bottom. Why would this bike need a bigger radiator than the 160 bhp+ version? Strange.

    However, since the change was pretty simple, it didn’t take long to get the punch set up to make the new blank, or rather a pair of blanks (second picture).

    This was then offered up to the bike and it became clear what a bunch of perfectionists these guys are because it sat about 2mm off centre with a slightly bigger gap on the right hand side than on the left, as the third picture shows. Not good enough, they said.

    The drawings were altered to shift the mounting holes and another pair of blanks was made. This was a much better fit. Next up was the logo for the centre spot. Alas, their graphics man is away on holiday, so copying the “X” logo and converting it to the right file for the plasma cutter to work with wasn’t going to be possible. We played with a number of existing X logos, but none were anywhere near right, so in the end I opted for a simple V4 logo, which the plasma cutter soon created for us (picture 4)

    However, general opinion was that the logo wasn’t correctly positioned, the lettering being too close to the grill area, as shown in picture 5.

    So the drawing was changed again and another blank was plasma cut. This time, the logo is much better placed and we were all happy. The finished product looks great and should give plenty of protection for many years to come. Well worth a day out to be their test mule!

    Coming home, I was in no rush so came via Holmfirth, then Holme Moss, 1719 feet above sea level)and a really good road which the Crosstourer devoured with ease! In Glossop, I turned left and over the Snake Pass which is all 50 limits now, but mid week when it’s quiet is a nice run. It was pretty windy up there with the tress waving wildly, but I can report that the Crosstourer ran arrow straight, no problem from the cross wind whatsoever. Ladybower reservoir is full (surprise, surprise with all the rain we’ve had) and a late lunch at the Woodbine Café in Hope was as good as always. Over 800 miles now and the Crosstourer continues to impress.

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  2. silverbullet

    silverbullet Registered User

    Looks great-Will stick on my wish list with the hugger,grips,lights etc etc:d:
  3. Wiz

    Wiz Tea Boy Staff Member Club Sponsor

    That looks great Ian, do you know if they are selling them mail-order yet?
  4. IanM

    IanM Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Yes, either through their own web site or they also trade on ebay.
    I enjoyed my day out to Halifax, it was good to se the process and I reckon it is a great end result.
  5. Wiz

    Wiz Tea Boy Staff Member Club Sponsor

    Thanks, I'll check out their site.

    I notice a few new bits coming onto eBay now. Skidmarks are selling a real carbon fibre hugger which is pretty good value at £80 - and there are some screen flips that might be better than the official touring screen, which seems to be universally disliked. Would be good to get some reviews going for bits people try.
  6. Oldcruzer

    Oldcruzer Registered User

    Beowulf used my VFR 1200 as the pattern for both the rad guard and end can and link pipe. They're a great little company and the quality is 1st class.

    The Holmfirth, Holme Moss, Lady Bower route is one of our regular "after work on a Sunday" routes, good roads but boy oh boy there are some pretty dodgy dips in the raod developing on the exposed parts of Holme Moss, we've found ourselves catching some air on more than one occasion!:d:

    By the way, if you turn left between the reservoirs a mile after joining Woodhead Pass there's another decent road that takes you into Glossop avoiding all the trucks and double white lines on Woodhead.
  7. Clanmurray

    Clanmurray Registered User

    Beowulf Rad Guard

    Found this old post and ordered the guard,just received my rad guard today.
    Does anyone know how to dismantle the radiator cowl?


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