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2011 VFRX rear footrest hangers

Discussion in 'VFR800X Crossrunner' started by gatesy, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. gatesy

    gatesy Registered User

    The bspp is complaining that she cannot lift her leg as far as she used to (no jokes pse). Anyone know of a lowering kit/bits available?


  2. fink

    fink living up to the name Club Sponsor

    Im pretty sure normal lower pegs will fit. best check sizes first.
  3. gatesy

    gatesy Registered User

    Hi Fink,

    Tks for the reply. Sorry if I'm a bit thick but 'normal lower pegs'? new to me. Any details.

    Ta John
  4. North Face

    North Face Registered User

    I've got some MFW Vario adjustable pegs up front on my VFR, pretty sure you can get them for the pillion too. They come in three parts, the brackets that fit where the original pegs go, then you have a choice of different length stems, depending how low you want to go, and finally the pegs themselves with a choice of sport pegs or rubber-capped touring pegs. Not exactly cheap but very well made. One thing I noticed with mine though is that they position your feet a few mm out from the normal pegs, that can be a problem up front with getting the levers to line up but shouldn't be a problem on the rear.
    Ah...here you go:-

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